Heralds of Spring 2019

16 volunteers took part in surveying local daffodils back in March and April as part of the Heralds of Spring daffodil project, recording 61 varieties, with many being classed as historical. Recording was made much more efficient this year with the introduction of a mobile phone app which made linking photos with a grid references much quicker and enabled surveyors to create more opportunistic records whilst out and about.

Volunteers also had the opportunity to visit Weir Quay Gardens and Andrew Spry’s vast collection of daffodils and learnt how to use the mobile app in a ‘real’ outdoor environment. Heralds of Spring activities extended after the valley’s daffodils had finished blooming with bulb plantings with pupils at Harrowbarrow and St. Dominic schools and with a bulb market held at Cotehele in October.

Plans are underway for the 2020 Heralds of Spring project. To get involved and keep up to date with news and events , please contact [email protected]