Sharing the responsibility and fun of rearing pigs for meat, and in doing so, having greater control over the provenance of our food.

The Pig Society is a group of like-minded folk around the villages of Harrowbarrow and Metherell, who have got together to keep pigs. Our first ‘round’ of pigs were six lovely Oxford Sandy and Blacks which were kept on the Harrowbarrow and Metherell Community Orchard. The orchard site was rather overgrown, so the pigs did a fantastic job of clearing and digging over the field ready for the first apple trees to be planted. The pigs were very friendly and really enjoyed human company, and especially all the buckets of apples they received!

We say our farewells to the pigs when they reach ‘pork’ weight, and take them to our local abbattoir, where they remain happy till the end. We then enjoy some fantastic pork, and have been experimenting with making bacon, sausages and brawn.

If you would like to know more, or, if you live in the area and are interested in joining the Pig Society when we get our next round of pigs, please contact us here.